Spent the weekend in the Keys with Heidi and the girls. Driving down that 2-lane highway in the brilliant sunshine, blue skies, turquoise water and mad tropical flora and fauna... it's been more than ten years, and yet it felt oddly like coming home again.


The Sun is Shining, the Snow is Melted, the Early Bulbs are Blooming

I believe I have mentioned (on more than one occasion) that every time the Mr. leaves town, Mother Nature takes a whack at me. Well, I'm pretty sure she's off the hook this time...

It's a small thing, really, and I'll admit I've been waiting for this to happen for a few months now. But, still. Some little rat-bag has stolen one of the super-cool, day-glo orange snowplow guide poles from our driveway. Like I said, a small thing, but WHY??? What could they possibly need it for in this beautiful weather? Is it wrong to hope that they trip and poke themselves in the gut with it?


Just Had to Share

Today is March 12. Tomorrow is trash day. On my way home today, I spotted one of my neighbors putting their "live" Christmas tree out by the curb for pick-up.

That is impressive indeed.


Thanksgiving in March

I have a roof over my head, at a price I can afford.

I have a good job.

I am married to my favorite person in the whole wide world.

He loves me, too.

I have some truly wonderful friends & family.

I have seen enough of the world to appreciate where I am now.

I have kitties in my life.

I can still fit into some of my clothes from high school.

I don't need to retire any time soon.

I have all my teeth :)