Etsy Adventures

So that funky apron that's been sitting in the sidebar for months has finally made its way to my side. Adam's mom surprised me by giving it to me for my birthday - so exciting!

We made a long-weekend trip up to Montreal to celebrate my birthday and hers, had some good food and good company. It's funny, no matter how much I want to make any trip, by the time I crash out at the end of the first day away, I just want my own bed and my own cats to cuddle.

I suspect my adventuring days are waning, or at least the adventures are evolving.



Sorry about that. It's been a busy summer. Let me recap:

Memorial Day Weekend at Mirbeau (where we had our honeymoon)
Visit to Montreal to see Prue's first solo painting exhibition
Mom & Prue both came to us for a visit
We celebrated our second wedding anniversary
I travelled to Baltimore for a conference for work
I went to Ft. Lauderdale to visit my friend Heidi
Adam returned to Montreal for another visit
We joined our first CSA - split with Bethany & Joe
Many weeds were pulled, by many different people
There were picnics & BBQs with friends
We had a very cute brown bunny in our backyard
Rochester got a second Chipotle
Adam installed lights, ceiling fan and baseboards in the attic
The attic is finished to the point that we started moving furniture up!

I hope you have all been enjoying your summer, keeping well and thriving! I'll try to be a little more reliable with the posting from now on.


I Think I've Found a New Salon

Seen on my walk around the neighborhood today. Look carefully. Not only can you see what a gorgeous day it is (witness that scrap of cloudless blue sky), but the tagline on this hairdresser's sign is worth stopping for. I can just imagine the level of creativity they put into their creations...

"1 on 1 Elegancy"

Why on earth would you go anywhere else to get your hair done? Why?!


Don't Tell Mother...

Two weeks later and I only just realized that the Mr. was on the other side of the planet for 10 whole days, and Mother Nature did not once take aim at me. Granted, she was awfully busy at the time what with managing complete chaos in Europe via a naughty Icelandic volcano who shall remain nameless (at least here, because there's no way I'm trying to spell it). Perhaps she thought that the effects of that chaos would reach as far as my house, but I survived unscathed.

I'm thinking I shouldn't taunt her. The Mr. has another trip planned soon.


Tilt Shift Generator for iPhone

I'm loving this app...


EEP! It's Spring!

Egads, when did that happen?!

This is a tree that I pass by between the parking lot and my office. We've had a very short and not particularly cold winter, and since the time change means more sunlight after 5 o'clock, I've been able to walk outside instead of using the tunnels to get around on campus. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this tree over the next month or so, and maybe even the rabbits that hang out in its vicinity.

Today was the first weekend day that was warm and dry enough to get out and start clearing the winter debris from the garden, so I got to work. One passing neighbor wished me a "Happy First Day of Spring", and I have to say it came as a shock. Not that she spoke to me (because she usually does), but that it really was the first day of spring. My garden is running about a month ahead of schedule, so I'm already behind!

In other news:

My job is going well. I've been there for just over a year now, and I'm still so glad I made the jump. My boss is out on maternity leave, so I'm looking forward to getting some time off when she returns in June...

Adam has been absolutely swamped with work, so much so that we haven't had much time for working on his new office space. We're getting some new windows installed in a couple of weeks, so perhaps that will motivate us to put in the finishing touches... we're so close!

Mom is doing well, recovering her spirit. She's seeming much more like her old self lately. Daddy has retired again, and taken off on a tour of unpronounceable locations in southeast Asia.

I believe I may have mentioned in the past that every time the Mr. goes out of town, Mother Nature takes a swipe at me. Usually it's a major snowstorm, a blackout, a flooded basement, a bat invasion... this time, she ran under the wheels of my car. I hit my first animal last night... a skunk. OF COURSE it would be a skunk! I did manage to come to a stop, so I didn't hit him very hard. I was pretty traumatized at the moment, but since I was on a highway ramp, I figured I needed to move on. As I drove away, I saw him in my rearview mirror, running off into the bushes. I'm guessing he was OK in spite of the incredible stink he left on my car. I felt so sorry for the poor kid at the car wash this morning...


There and Back Again

To NYC that is... for another eight hour visit. This time I got to see some landmarks, namely Central Park and Rockefeller Center. I was surprised how small the ice rink was, I always imagined it to be so much more grand. I may even have seen the Empire State Building from a distance.

I took a picture this time.

Central Park after the blizzard, as seen through the cab window. Can't you tell?

Daddy would be so proud.


I Know You're Jealous

My evening commute today...



I took my first ever trip to the Big Apple yesterday, for a whole ten hours. I'm sure someone took a picture, but it wasn't me. I took a Yellow Cab, sat in a Manhattan cafe and ate a chicken salad sandwich. I looked at a meeting room, took another taxi, and had a Serendipity Frozen Hot Chocolate (I hear they're famous) with my boss before staffing an event for work. Mad dash back to the airport and that was that.

The stuff dreams are made of...


The Christmas That Wasn't

At least, it wasn't what we were planning...

It started so well, too. We had our shopping done, gifts wrapped, vacation days saved up. We breezed through the first two days of highway with nothing more than a light drizzle, and arrived in Oklahoma City right on schedule. The photo was taken from our hotel window the next afternoon (Christmas Eve). If you own a TV and turned it on around Christmas, you probably know where this is going. Bless their hearts, Oklahoma City just isn't equipped to deal with fourteen inches of snow in an afternoon.

We were fortunate in a number ways.
  • My Mom had decided, at the last minute, to stay at the hotel with us. 
  • We decided to brave the blizzard to pick up our pre-ordered Christmas dinner (we had volunteered to bring the turkey, stuffing & mashed potatoes) just in case the roads would be clear the next day. 
  • We actually made it back to the hotel with the food. 
  • Our hotel room had a fridge & microwave.
  • We did not require a tow truck after all.
  • We were able to get out of town and down to Dallas almost on schedule.
  • We had no trouble getting to Ponca City to visit Uncle Herb, who had driven through the storm after his flight home from Chicago was cancelled.
We won't dwell on the ways in which we were unfortunate. It could have been so much worse, and it was for so many people that were not as lucky as we were.

OH! And those wacky Canadian sunflower seed flavors? They sell them in Oklahoma City, too.