Song of the Daffodil

We don't have a release date for our upcoming album, but we've got a rockin' cover shot (courtesy of photographer Tiffany Webb)!


Adam's Version of a Shopping List

So when confronted with the need to buy a second can of paint for finishing the ongoing picket fence project, Adam wanted to be certain that he got the same as we already had. Enter the iPhone. He snaps a picture of our paint can with his phone, and uses it to remind him once at the paint aisle.

That's my guy!


Spring Cleaning Task #237: Mop the Fence

So, what with Spring having sprung, the sun making daily appearances and the garden beginning to rise up as it were, the time has come at last to get that picket fence fixed up. When we bought the house, we realized the Previous Owner had put the fence up wrong way out. Our next door neighbor is such a nice lady, and she insisted she didn't care what direction it faced, but would like to have it repainted as it was beginning to show signs of wear and weather. That was nearly two years ago now (good heavens, how did THAT happen?).

Needless to say - once we pulled the fence down to paint it and turn it around, we discovered exactly how dirty it was and that a good many pickets needed replacing (fortunately there are spares in the garage). We also realized we'd need to put down some primer before we repainted, and so you see me relieving the fence of unknown years of jet fuel dust and other grime. With the kitchen mop. I was using the dish scrubbie, but Adam suggested the mop might be more efficient. My hero!

And no, the garden hose would not have been sufficient, as jet fuel CLINGS like the very devil.

On a side note - has anyone else noticed how difficult it is to find sunscreen with zinc or titanium as the active ingredient? They all seem to have switched to those unpronounceable chemicals that give me hives (Welcome to Maui... umm, what are those spots on your arms?) and the apothecary where I bought my last bottle of Blue Lizard keeps banker's hours.



Just do me a favor and imagine the fridge (which you can't see anyway), the stove (which you can just see in the lower left corner) and the dishwasher in brushed steel instead... ahhh, Dreamsicle!


We completed one more room in the house today! The guest room is officially ready for occupation! Many thanks to the generous family members who gifted us with credit at Lowe's (not to mention furniture and carpets). The kitchen (pictured in the next post) and the new guest bedroom have been the primary beneficiaries of your largesse. Note the distinct absence of mint green and royal blue...

Thank you!



Both the ceremony and reception will be in the Century Room at the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas. There will be drinks between the ceremony and dinner, with dancing to follow (so any Baptists out there may want to come as Catholics just for the evening!).

The Adolphus is a luxury hotel, built in 1912 by Adolphus Busch (anyone heard of Anheiser Busch?). It is located in downtown Dallas, minutes from a wide variety of historical, cultural and tourist attractions. Dealey Plaza and the Sixth Floor Museum, the Dallas Museum of Art, the Dallas Aquarium, the West End Marketplace and more! My personal favorite spot to visit downtown is Fountain Place (The water garden surrounding the base of this IM Pei skyscraper is lovely even in the Texas summer heat). For a great view of the city - head to the Sky Lobby at the Chase Tower (open to the public Mon-Fri from 9-5).

We have reserved a block of rooms at a discounted rate of $119/night for a deluxe room, and $169/night for a junior suite. You do need to mention that you are coming for the Clark/Rains Wedding in order to get the discounted rate. They are accepting reservations now, and these rates are only guaranteed until June 5, 2008. After that date, regular (higher!) rates may apply.

FYI - There are a handful of dining options at the hotel, including room-service and the Bistro (CRABCAKES Cassidy!), but the French Room is closed during the month of July. We’ll also make some local restaurant recommendations in future posts.

Click the Adolphus link to the right to get an idea of the facilities.


Flower Teaser

I have been hesitant to post much info on actual details of the event itself, because I don't want to spoil any surprises... but I've had so many inquiries about the flowers that I thought I'd share some info on the florist. We found Botanical Art Designs on the recommended vendor list at the Melrose (our second choice venue, which ended up being too small for our group, though a really lovely facility).

Another question I frequently find myself answering is what our "colors" are. We are using ivory, black and dark orange, and I have made a special request for spider mums and bear grass, because I just think they're THAT cool!


We'll call it a draw...

Well at long last, green things are beginning to poke their heads above ground. We have the first flowers on our block, my neighbors have crocus-envy, and my race against the plants has officially begun! Last year I killed two boxwoods, and maimed two hollies. This year, I've almost finished off the euonymus vine! I seem to be the Angel of Evergreen Death... watch out cypress, you could be next!

Last fall, I planted about 60 early blooming bulbs one afternoon. Two hours after I put the mulch down on top, the squirrels had already eaten about half of them. This week, the ones they left behind appeared through what's left of the mulch. Looks like they got most of the crocus bulbs, but left the tulips.

I like tulips better anyways.