Stellaluna vs. the Dark Knight

DanananaNananana DanananaNananana... BAT BEAN!

Give that cat a treat! My little pampered Nori-bean trapped herself a BAT in our attic. Big meanie that I am, I pulled her away from it and shut the bat inside the attic. I'm sure it knows a way out. It got IN after all...

Our story begins at 3:30 AM, and our heroine is asleep at the foot of my bed. Suddenly, I am awakened by two cats launching themselves full speed off the bed and skidding into the attic door. A flurry of... wings? and GOOD LORD WHAT IS THAT NOISE!!?! I launch mySELF off the bed (only because the Mr is away on business, otherwise I'd launch him) and into the hallway, running into walls and flipping on lights as I go. Only to find Miss Nori hunched over Something on the attic stairs. And she's OFF! Up the stairs and into another corner of the stairwell, amidst much squeaking and flapping from her prey (which I still cannot see). OK. I'm calm. Promise.

FLAPPING + SQUEAKING = BAT according to my calculus.

So I'm up the stairs, grab the cat, toss her back to the landing and slam the door. Lights off, back under the covers and I'm pretending that did NOT happen, 'cause I've got to get up for work at 6am. 12 hours later, after much input from the internets, BOY am I glad the cats are up to date on all their shots! Crunchy creature that I am, I'm waiting till September to serve the eviction notice, so I can be sure any potential bat-babies have fledged. The last thing I need on my conscience is dead bat-babies in my walls.

Two days later, the basement flooded. If anyone knows just what I did to annoy Mother Nature, could you give me a clue?



My husband ROCKS! Just thought you should all know. Behind Door H(oneymoon) was a sybarit-astic weekend at Mirbeau! Cue orchestra.
Click the photo above to view the slideshow.

I had NOT heard of it.

I was glad of the swimsuit.

We arrived to the most amazing hotel room I've ever seen. Those of you who saw the rooms Adam & I had at the Adolphus will have some idea just exactly what that statement indicates. Shortly after our arrival, we received a delivery of wine & cheese, which we consumed on our deck overlooking the coy pond and gardens. But wait - there's more!

While exploring the grounds, we encountered the spa where we would receive our "treatments" on Saturday. They gave us a proper tour of the facility, including the Relaxation Room and Aqua Terrace. Enter the need for a swimsuit.

When we approached the hostess to be seated for dinner, I spied two plaques at the entrance to the restaurant. One declared a AAA Four Diamond rating, and the other, a Mobil Four Star rating. Yum. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We spent Saturday sleeping, eating, getting massages, sleeping, getting manicured, eating, and then eating some more. And then sleeping again. Sunday was a final hedonistic wallow, including more sleeping and overeating, before a leisurely drive back to the house to rejoin the cats for good.

We're planning to go back for a winter visit.


The Shriek Heard 'round the World

THANK YOU to whoever took this one! And no... I couldn't resist. Why should I?


Got Film?

Yes indeed! We have returned from our mystery honeymoon destination, and I will share that with you as soon as we have some photos to illustrate the stunning beauty of the place! Instead of our usual digital cameras, and in an effort not to be guilty of waste... we used up the remaining shots on the disposables left over from the reception. So we wait for processing...

... and in the meantime...

Did you get any great pictures at the wedding? Did you perhaps get some VIDEO of our first dance? 'Cause we didn't hire a videographer, thinking there wasn't anything we'd really care about watching OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Forgetting we'd have no idea what that dance really looked like... oops. Yeah, so... if you'd like to share any photos or perhaps video... put it on a disc and mail it to us.

Please. Thanks. I'm gonna go eat some humble pie now.


Mystery Honeymoon Destination

We made it! We arrived in Rochester late last night, to some very happy kitties. Our decorations drew quite a bit of attention on the road, and we eventually got used to the honking. It was kind of sweet actually. The expressions of good will were a refreshing break from the usual highway experience. Thursday was awfully long, due to the fact the AC went out in the car about an hour into the day. So many miles of HOT car and sunshine before the sun set... Ah well, Rochester is gray skies and rain as usual! Nice and cool!

We are off on our mini-honeymoon this afternoon, and while I still do not know where we are headed, I've been given a few hints.

It's not the Pocono's.

I don't need my passport.

I will probably want a swimsuit.

It's about a two hour drive.

I've probably heard of the place.

I've never been to the town.

I got nothin' here people. Totally at a loss. Any thoughts? OK fine - stay tuned for updates!