Attic Update

More progress in the attic!

Everything is primed, and the ceiling and walls are painted. It's hard to see in this light, but the color is actually a very pale taupe. A few little touch-ups and a nice accent color on the half wall at the stairwell and the painting will be done! We're now debating carpet colors and the possibility of new windows.


Wow. Just Had to Share.

So my Dad took me to dinner at Red Hot & Blue before I left Dallas. I ordered iced tea to drink. This is what they gave me - a pitcher with a straw. In spite of the super spicy BBQ sauce I poured all over my delicious plate of brisket, I was unable to finish my beverage.

I guess it's the heat, but I'd forgotten how much liquid people seem to consume here.


I Know You're Envious, But Try to Restrain Yourself

Those of you who've never been to Braum's won't understand, but BEHOLD! The Cherry Limeade. See how it glows in the light of the setting sun... taste the glory of real lime juice. Can't go to Dallas and not stop at Braum's. Yes, back in Dallas just for a few days to see my Mom.


Oh, Yes We Did...

AT LAST! Chipotle has come to town!

We went on the actual first day of business, and the line wrapped all around the building. The parking lot was gridlocked, as it is still under construction and there were just way too many people looking for burritos. People were walking over from other parking lots and several were sitting on their cars to eat. So we kept driving.

We went back on the second day of business and actually got a parking place and stood in line (see photo). Yes. We stood in that line for tacos. The line was even longer when we left.

It was totally worth it.