Ponca City, USA

And we return for another visit to Ponca City, home of the Rains clan and the Pioneer Woman! It was a full house this time, with friends Rick and Malin visiting from Sweden as well. We were greeted on our arrival by live music pouring out of 221 N Oak. There were 3 guitars, one bass guitar and one harmonica rockin' the house, and an appreciative audience spread round the house and out on the porch.

We spent a lovely evening catching up with Herb & Margareta and getting to know Rick and Malin. Herb grilled up some steaks, and we did a bit of reminiscing and some wedding planning. Sunday was Herb's birthday, and there was a big celebration with BBQ ribs and deep fried turkey and all manner of sinful indulgences. We even got to do some sight-seeing!

In the picture above you may just catch sight of the Braum's cup...

At some time in the past, I introduced Adam to the Sonic Cherry Limeade, and he was hooked. Oddly enough, every time we stopped for one of these special treats, I was vaguely disappointed by the experience. Something always seemed to be missing. So when we passed the Braum's here in Ponca City, and I recalled the Cherry Limeades of my childhood, I knew Adam needed to try one. EPIPHANY! That's what was missing - I didn't grow up on Sonic, I grew up on Braum's! We'd been drinking the wrong Cherry Limeade! Much like the burgers at Johnnie's, if you get to this part of the world, you've got to try the Braum's Cherry Limeade - you won't be sorry!



Our short stay in Ponca City coincided with Herb's 64th birthday, and Margareta made a carrot cake for the party, much to Adam's surprise and delight!


Visiting with the Adams Family

As we are now wrapping up our trip, we headed to Oklahoma City to spend some time with my Mom's family. Friday afternoon, Adam and my mother and I picked my grandmother up, and we all went to meet up with the other Adams girls (Aunts Lele & Junel, and cousins Annia and Allison). Whenever we manage to get all of us in town at once, we get a professional photo taken, and this was one of those times! We had beautiful weather, so we went for an outdoor session at Daffodil Hill. Adam took advantage of the light and got some shots of his own (see above). I'll post one of the pro shots when we get them.

We followed our photo shoot with a visit to Johnnie's, and a life sustaining Cheese Theta with Bacon and Onion Rings. If you ever go to OKC, GO TO Johnnie's! The best burger you will ever find, from the plain and simple to the Ceasar Burger and the Theta. We topped off our evening with some of the tastiest gellato I've ever encountered (at Giovanni's, tee hee!). Who'da thunk, in OKC?

Saturday morning, we got up and had breakfast with Mr. Adams himself - my mother's father. He took us to Beverly's Pancake Corner, the home of "Chicken in the Rough". No idea what that means exactly... but they have a stuffed chicken on top of the bakery case. And by stuffed, I mean a taxidermy victim and mascot, feathers and all. Can't speak to the chicken, but they made my poached eggs just EXACTLY (I refuse to make that pun) the way I like them.

Hit the Starbucks in the parking lot, and it's off to Ponca City!



It must be noted that we are slightly uncomfortable regarding the subject of gifts. We know that most of you are making quite an effort just to be with us for this shindig, and that is what we REALLY want - to celebrate with as many of you as we can possibly get into one place! Your joyful presence, your love and support are the best gifts you can give.

That said, many of you have inquired about where we've registered. The answer is that we are now registered at Crate & Barrel and also at Bed, Bath & Beyond. The BBB registry is a tad short at the moment, but we'll add to it next week or so. After the process of setting up the C&B registry, we are somewhat weary...

I will admit to having been TOTALLY baffled by pots and pans and packing it in rather than figuring it out. I think the little girl at the shop was genuinely concerned when she saw me staring like a deer in the headlights at the cookware displays and asked if I needed help... there is no other explanation for that tone of voice.

The Fine Print: You can search for our lists by either of our names (Kelly Clark or Adam Rains), and you may need the event date (July 5, 2008). Both of the registry lists can be accessed either in an actual store, online, or by phone.

Crate & Barrel


Bed Bath & Beyond


Day Three of Our Two Day Trip

Just so you know, it's REAL HARD to get a decent cappuccino in Arkansas. We did finally get the first cherry limeade of the journey, so some silver lining anyway. That and we got sufficient rain to wash all the slush/salt off the car as well!

In Dallas at last, we got some Tex-Mex in our bellies and had a Pooh-Bear Latte before crashing out.

Off to the hairdresser first thing Tuesday!



A vibrant sunset over the pasture lands of Kentucky... clear skies, clear roads...

K: "Oooh look! Baby cows!"
A: "Mmmm, veal... on the hoof..."

(He wouldn't REALLY, which is why I just about wet myself laughing...)


Spring Break '08 - now with Flying Monkeys!

So we're on the road. Or rather we're in a hotel room somewhere north of Cleveland, waiting for the BLIZZARD to pass on by. Rochester had snow all day Friday, mixed with freezing rain, all falling on top of the ice that formed when all the melting stuff froze with the cold front. As we headed out of Rochester today, the freezing rain kicked back in. Every five minutes or so, we passed a car in a ditch. About thirty minutes out, Adam rolls down his window and gets a face full of sleet. At which point he turns to me and asks...

"So when do the flying monkeys start?"

Turns out they were waiting in Ohio. We were supposed to get all the way to the southern border of Kentucky today - 11 hours of driving. We blazed through Pennsylvania at top speeds of 45 mph. The photo above was taken in Pennsylvania. We barely got into Ohio before we lost track of the actual road. It should have been about 3.5 hours, and it took us over 6. So we stopped... wherever we are... and got the last room in the hotel.

We'll try again tomorrow.