New Word for the Dictionary

Wreckerater: individual responsible for the creation of a real wreck of a cake.

I just stumbled across this blog in my usual stream-of-consciousness, no-idea-how-I-got-here manner of net surfing. But HOLY CATS would you look at some of these cakes! I am so glad our wedding was as fabulous as it was... once you've seen that post, check out the more current ones.


He Calls Me His Little Yellow Jackette

Well - I've had so many requests for info on my new job, so here goes.

I am the new Program Assistant for the Office of Advancement at a local Graduate School of Business which shall remain nameless. I have an office of my own, with a door and all. The people I work for are very friendly, and seem to laugh a lot. I've apparently been very fortunate in my assignment of parking lots.

I started Monday and Tuesday with general University Orientation, followed by time in my very own office. Our group is putting on a recruitment event in NYC for Thursday (I don't have to go, but everyone else will), so they were in prep mode. Today, I spent the majority of my time putting together nametags from the registration database. Doesn't sound so complicated, I know, but I'm using a computer I only just met, with an operating system I haven't seen recently, with software updates I haven't had a chance to get friendly with yet. I don't like Windows, it's not intuitive and it's doing a very good job of making me feel like a total idiot. It's something like the first day of high school. In a strange place, not entirely certain what's going on, and surrounded by unfamiliar faces who know a LOT more about what you're supposed to be doing than YOU do. It's exhausting.

As glad as I am to be learning, I hate feeling so ignorant. And now I'm having paranoid fantasies about having left a sheet of nametags out when I packed them up for my boss. I'm pretty sure I did not do that.


Happy New Year!

Well, sorry about the long silence, but things have been a bit hectic with getting back in gear after the holidays. If you don't work in retail, you probably don't realize that the weeks immediately AFTER Christmas are almost as exhausting as the weeks immediately BEFORE. Except that the volume of returns means that profits are lagging and payroll has to be reduced accordingly. And then there are all those people who are so angry that you actually expect them to read the return policy on the receipt, or even expect them to have a receipt at all. What can we be thinking??? Boy - I won't miss that bit...

Which leads me to the main reason I've been so quiet, and the "Happy" part of the year to date... I've just accepted a position in the Office of Advancement at our major local University! No, not the one I attended. THAT would be sheer torture. The other one. So raise your glass and three cheers and all that! I've been job-hunting for nearly two years, and this is exactly the thing I've been hoping to get into. I haven't mentioned much about this process, because it hasn't been a pleasurable one. Downright daunting if I'm honest. Our local economy wasn't booming to begin with, and the slide in the economy at large hasn't been helping. Perhaps not the best time to make a career transition. But this week, I can heave a great sigh of relief. What a load off!