Note to Self...

When you put cream on a cat's leg without covering it with a bandage (because said cat has somehow sprouted four extra legs), the cat will lick the wound even more... hmmf.


My Day Off

Things I did on my day off today:

  • Drycleaner. Check.
  • Post office. Check.
  • Gas station. Check.
  • Grocery store. Check.
  • Played with iPhone. Check.
  • Nap. Check.


  • Made lasagna.
  • Took a "Thanks but No Thanks" call from a prospective employer. Hey, at least they called.
  • New batteries in the thermostat so I can TURN THE HEATER ON, cuz it's officially Fall now...


Nori had her follow-up vet check. Two more weeks of soft foods, because she somehow popped her stitches. And now, in addition to her twice daily antibiotic, I have to put cream on her leg (six times a day) where they shaved it last week, because SHE WON"T STOP LICKING IT and it's all raw and angry.

Do I know how to live it up or what?


Poor Nori...

Oh my poor kitty! She had an appointment this morning to have her teeth cleaned. In spite of her gluttonous intake of prescription dental kibble and tartar control cat treats, she needs occasional professional tooth care. Last time she had a cleaning, they took out three teeth. This time, they took out more. More than three that is. Cat dentistry is about as expensive as people dentistry, except my cat isn't on my health insurance plan. It would seem that much like people, some cats (like my poor Nori) just have worse teeth than others. Unlucky in the genes, I suppose. Anyhow, she survived the anesthetic and had a good swipe at the tech through her cage door. They recommended we restrict her to one room for the evening, so I let her out of the carrier in our bedroom. She ran straight under the couch and hid. So, I went out to get her a snack and a litter box, and shut the door behind me. I kid you not - THREE SECONDS LATER - she was downstairs in the living room. Now she's curled up on one of the new chairs, recovering from the trauma. I'm REALLY looking forward to dispensing her medication tomorrow! Won't that be fun?

What on earth made me think that the day I take the cat to the vet would be a good day to take my car to the mechanic to get that "Check Engine" light evaluated...


Thank You Mr. Moore

Just about everyone is going on about the political thing, and I generally just change the subject. I don't think of myself as particularly articulate or eloquent. I'm not very good at "debate". My thoughts generally just freeze up when confronted by the rhetoric spewing from the politically passionate and genuinely under-informed. But, I just read this post by one of my absolute favorite authors ever, and somewhere in there, he asked the most pertinent question regarding this campaign that I've heard yet:

What good is experience if you don't learn from it?

What indeed.