I Know You're Jealous

My evening commute today...



I took my first ever trip to the Big Apple yesterday, for a whole ten hours. I'm sure someone took a picture, but it wasn't me. I took a Yellow Cab, sat in a Manhattan cafe and ate a chicken salad sandwich. I looked at a meeting room, took another taxi, and had a Serendipity Frozen Hot Chocolate (I hear they're famous) with my boss before staffing an event for work. Mad dash back to the airport and that was that.

The stuff dreams are made of...


The Christmas That Wasn't

At least, it wasn't what we were planning...

It started so well, too. We had our shopping done, gifts wrapped, vacation days saved up. We breezed through the first two days of highway with nothing more than a light drizzle, and arrived in Oklahoma City right on schedule. The photo was taken from our hotel window the next afternoon (Christmas Eve). If you own a TV and turned it on around Christmas, you probably know where this is going. Bless their hearts, Oklahoma City just isn't equipped to deal with fourteen inches of snow in an afternoon.

We were fortunate in a number ways.
  • My Mom had decided, at the last minute, to stay at the hotel with us. 
  • We decided to brave the blizzard to pick up our pre-ordered Christmas dinner (we had volunteered to bring the turkey, stuffing & mashed potatoes) just in case the roads would be clear the next day. 
  • We actually made it back to the hotel with the food. 
  • Our hotel room had a fridge & microwave.
  • We did not require a tow truck after all.
  • We were able to get out of town and down to Dallas almost on schedule.
  • We had no trouble getting to Ponca City to visit Uncle Herb, who had driven through the storm after his flight home from Chicago was cancelled.
We won't dwell on the ways in which we were unfortunate. It could have been so much worse, and it was for so many people that were not as lucky as we were.

OH! And those wacky Canadian sunflower seed flavors? They sell them in Oklahoma City, too.