The Fourth

Continuing with our "Time Flies" theme, the Mr. and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary a couple of weeks ago. Yah. I KNOW. The fourth anniversary is the fruit/flowers anniversary, so we decided to splurge on some of the more exotic items we find in the legendary Wegmans produce section as a special treat. What more appropriate moment to spend ten dollars on a single piece of fruit?

Pineapple, mango, kiwi, cherries, plumcot, feijoa and dragon fruit. We even bought a cherry pitter to commemorate the day.


Smells of Summer

As I was walking to my car tonight, I walked into a wall of the aroma of woodsmoke and barbeque. The air was warm and humid, but the promise of a cooler evening was there. And suddenly, there were so many memories. Family gatherings, cookouts, summer camp and bonfires. Wow.

And I wonder, how much effort did my parents put into creating those memories? How much planning, and scheduling and arranging did that require? And where did they get the energy?

I hope there comes another time in my life when I am surrounded by family and close friends. When parties and gatherings seem effortless, not exhausting. When I have the energy to do more than just recover from my day at work.


Time Flies...

Life has been, well... life. Probably no busier for us than it has been for anyone else, and yet I still failed to find time to post any updates here going on two years now. I have at least kept up personally with most of the folks who were visiting this blog, but I've been feeling like the time has come to make more of an effort here.

To be honest, there isn't really any news to report. I'm still working the 9-5 job, though perhaps liking it a little less than I once did. The Mr. is still doing the independent contractor thing. It's amazing to me that he's been self-employed now for nearly as long as he was with the U. Time does indeed fly.

Our biggest achievement in recent months is the completion of our new driveway. I haven't even killed anything in the garden in the last year (not even weeds, as you can see above - sorry Moms)! Thrilling stuff, I know. But it's the little things that make life what it is, so that's what will be appearing here.

I've also revived my Etsy of the Week in the sidebar. If you're looking for something a little different, check it out. Treat yourself and support a working artist into the bargain!