Winter Wonderland

Well - winter is certainly in effect! We are on our third winter storm warning of the season, and it's so pretty! I'm not looking forward to the heating bill, but I still get excited to see the falling snow. I probably wouldn't feel quite the same if we didn't have a snowplow contract in place!

We spent a cozy Thanksgiving Day here at the hacienda, just us two and the cats. Adam got the house decorated before the real weather hit, and has been working on the inside ever since. We now have a very impressive, if tiny, cedar-lined vestibule closet (as well as a freshly painted vestibule!) and we are just a few solid days work away from a proper guest room. I am humbled by the amount of work Adam has put into this house in the last year - it has come so far so fast!

We will be celebrating Christmas in our own home for the first time this year, so we just went and got our first real tree. So far no kitty catastrophes (no pun intended)! I think we've decided to go with the "riotous" decorating scheme...

Here's wishing you all Happy Holidays!

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