Spring Cleaning Task #237: Mop the Fence

So, what with Spring having sprung, the sun making daily appearances and the garden beginning to rise up as it were, the time has come at last to get that picket fence fixed up. When we bought the house, we realized the Previous Owner had put the fence up wrong way out. Our next door neighbor is such a nice lady, and she insisted she didn't care what direction it faced, but would like to have it repainted as it was beginning to show signs of wear and weather. That was nearly two years ago now (good heavens, how did THAT happen?).

Needless to say - once we pulled the fence down to paint it and turn it around, we discovered exactly how dirty it was and that a good many pickets needed replacing (fortunately there are spares in the garage). We also realized we'd need to put down some primer before we repainted, and so you see me relieving the fence of unknown years of jet fuel dust and other grime. With the kitchen mop. I was using the dish scrubbie, but Adam suggested the mop might be more efficient. My hero!

And no, the garden hose would not have been sufficient, as jet fuel CLINGS like the very devil.

On a side note - has anyone else noticed how difficult it is to find sunscreen with zinc or titanium as the active ingredient? They all seem to have switched to those unpronounceable chemicals that give me hives (Welcome to Maui... umm, what are those spots on your arms?) and the apothecary where I bought my last bottle of Blue Lizard keeps banker's hours.

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