What to Eat

As I may have mentioned previously, Dallas is a major restaurant test market, and you can get some really great food at a WIDE range of prices. Below are some of our favorite places to chow down in Big D, grouped by approximate price ranges. At least one of us (frequently both of us) have eaten at and enjoyed all of these selections. Obviously, the higher range options will require an advance reservation.

Taco Bueno - one step up from Taco Bell, just as cheap, but with fresh salsa.
Chipotle - Barbacoa taco!! NOM NOM NOM! Kelly's favorite.
Tin Star - one of Adam's favorite Tex-Mex stops.
Schlotzsky's - sandwich chain, but not available everywhere.
Jason's Deli - admirable rendition of a muffaletta!

Mid-Range/Comfortable Sit-Down
Snuffers - they were making cheese fries before Outback existed. Mate.
Cafe Brazil - 24 hour step-up from a diner (some locations DO close on weeknights)
Green Papaya - Vietnamese
LaMadeleine - chain of French-type yumminess, good for breakfast/lunch/dinner.
El Chico or El Fenix - staple Tex-Mex, Kelly's childhood favorites.
Gloria's - Salvadoran, recommended by Adam!
Mia's - OMG! sour-cream enchiladas that will make you weep with pleasure!
Blue Mesa Grill- just slightly chic, nouveau Mex.

Oooh-la-la/Suit and Tie
Stephan Pyle's - you know, from the Cooking Channel?
Fearing's - at the Ritz. Really.

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