My Day Off

Things I did on my day off today:

  • Drycleaner. Check.
  • Post office. Check.
  • Gas station. Check.
  • Grocery store. Check.
  • Played with iPhone. Check.
  • Nap. Check.


  • Made lasagna.
  • Took a "Thanks but No Thanks" call from a prospective employer. Hey, at least they called.
  • New batteries in the thermostat so I can TURN THE HEATER ON, cuz it's officially Fall now...


Nori had her follow-up vet check. Two more weeks of soft foods, because she somehow popped her stitches. And now, in addition to her twice daily antibiotic, I have to put cream on her leg (six times a day) where they shaved it last week, because SHE WON"T STOP LICKING IT and it's all raw and angry.

Do I know how to live it up or what?

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