Newsflash! from Seattle

For the second time, bridesmaid Jill has called to tell me she has (and I quote) big news. The first time was several years ago, and she followed that statement with "No I'm not pregnant, but WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!". You know, she never did send me any pictures of that house... or of the Newfoundland they adopted... are you feelin' the guilt yet, Jill?

Anyhow, earlier this week, Miss Jill called and said she had (and again I quote) big news. This time, she told me I'm going to be an AUNTIE! OK - as close to an Auntie as I'm ever likely to be - but still! The funniest bit is - the baby apparently likes cheeseburgers! My friend, Miss Jill of the Vegetable, is gestating a carnivore!

Everybody raise a cup of OJ to the west! Congrats to Jill & Chris!

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