Ostrama... Llamu...

If you had been a fly on the wall (or perhaps a cat under the table) of our dining room yesterday evening, you could have witnessed the following exchange. Though you might have had difficulty deciphering the words through the snickering. Which eventually dissolved into hysterical, breathless laughter on my part.

A: Ooh, I've got goosebumps... or perhaps emu bumps.

K: Or ostrich bumps?

A: Yes, ostrich bumps.

K: Or maybe even llama bumps?

A: Llama bumps...? Llamas aren't birds!

K: Well, yeah. Little known fact that the llama is actually a distant cousin of the emu and ostrich. Think about it... great big feathery backside...

A: Llamas don't have feathers!

K: ... great long neck, tiny little head, pointy nose and bulging eyes...

A: ... bilaterally symmetrical...

K: OK, now you're just being... [insert hysterical laughter here] ... silly!

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