Ummm... yeah. Where did that month go?

Sorry about that. On a day-to-day basis, there doesn't seem to be much worth relaying recently.

I'm still working, so is the Mr.

Attic progress has slowed somewhat due to contractor schedules, but should recommence soon.

Weather has been kinda dry, and just warm enough to encourage the bees. So I've been avoiding the garden, much to its detriment.

We had Company a couple of weeks ago. Miss Jill came for a visit with Chris and baby Ada, who looks just like her pretty Mama. It's such a gift to spend time with an old friend (sheesh, I sound like I'm 93). But it really made me think a lot about friendships. How maudlin! I have a handful of friends, who no matter how much time passes between email or conversations or visits, the moment we meet again it's like the sun comes out and the years fall away and I'd swear it was only a couple of days since we last met. Jill is one of those people (I'm lucky to have a few such). A lovely present for me.

It's funny, I don't think of myself as shy, but I've never really been a social butterfly. When I was a kid I never liked going on sleep-overs, and I'd call my Mom to pick me up as soon as the other kids started off to sleep. If we had one at my house, I made all the other kids sleep in the den and I slept in my room by myself. I hate crowds and particularly large parties. I never know what to say to strangers, so it's a wonder I manage to make any friends at all! It is NO wonder at all that I find myself surrounded by people who will carry a conversation for me in situations like these. That sounds so mercenary... I think I just fit best with friends who don't need me to be just like them in order for them to like me. Wrap your head around that one. Which is all to say I'm extremely fortunate in my friends. They are open-minded, generous and sincere.

Last week was my thirty-seventh birthday. I think. I mean, I'm sure it was my birthday, and I'm pretty sure it was my thirty-seventh. I can't say I still feel like a teenager, but I certainly don't feel my age. We spent the evening with Bethany (one of those lovely friends who understands about what parties do to me) and her boys, riding go-carts and playing putt-putt. Take THAT thirty-seven!


chrissie said...

I can so relate to this! I was always the kid getting picked up at sleep-overs. And I'm always in awe of and thankful for the friends I have who love me despite my awkward silences :)

For what it's worth, I've ALWAYS thoroughly enjoyed your company.

Jill said...

back at ya sister!