Stop and smell the... umm... leaf mold?

This a very pretty part of the world, at virtually any time of year. Winter snowscapes, spring and summer flowers (we are known as the Flower City, don't ya know). But this really is the most stunningly beautiful time of year in this area. And my absolute worst allergy season. Ah well.

This is a lovely, huge park that I have the good fortune to drive through a few times a week on my way to or from work. It is home to geese and ducks, squirrels and chipmunks aplenty, woodchucks (otherwise known as Fat Fuzzy Brown Things) and rabbits and foxes. There are probably even deer, though I haven't seen them IN the park, there are certainly enough of them on the adjacent highway! There is another park, maybe 15 minutes from this one, where I regularly see a flock of wild turkeys. Every time I see them, I wonder where on earth they go when it snows...

Anyways, take a moment to stop and savor the beauty around you today. It may not be as obvious as this, but I promise you it is there.

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