We met at a Pei dorm party during spring semester at New College in 1995. We had seen each other around campus (with a student body of just over 500, it would be hard not to), and even had a few mutual friends, but we hadn’t officially met.

When I was a kid, we had a family joke about the amount of time I spent in the bathroom. True to form, I officially met Adam when I knocked on his door during the party to ask if I could use his bathroom. Our first date was to see the movie Outbreak, which Adam is probably embarrassed to admit having seen. I think our second official date was to see Carmina Burana at the “Weasel”.

I will admit that the first year or so was a little rough. I suspect we argued almost as much as we laughed (that is to say quite a lot). Two only children never have it easy learning to be a pair. Lucky us – we’re still laughing (and he is very sweetly tolerant of my frequent hunts for the ladies’ room)!

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