Road Trip v2.0

And here we go again! Come Spring Break we're making another trip down south to finalize the plans for July. What a pleasure it will be to escape March in Rochester. The less said about March in Rochester the better. We'll get to see wildflowers and parents in Texas, and family in Oklahoma and all.

The MAIN reason for this trip is the Menu Tasting (that and Adam needs to find a tux...). Beef or chicken? or both? Pork or lamb? And that's just the entrees - we have to choose hors d'oeuvres and starters and wine... gosh and we're gonna have to try them all to be sure they're nice enough for our loved ones. Don't you feel sorry for us when you think how full we'll be?

I'm also going to drag Adam to Crate & Barrel to look at dishes and flatware and stuff. I suspect he might actually enjoy that more than he'd admit. But he'll never admit it.

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