Blogging for Warmth

So, it's been a wee bit chilly here of late. We had an exceedingly temperate summer and early fall, but I've been glad of the furnace most nights this month. On Tuesday, parts of the Rochester metropolitan (HA!) area were slated for snow, so I was not particularly surprised to wake up shivering. I got bundled up and headed downstairs. I WAS surprised when I looked at the thermostat, and the temperature in the living room was LOWER than the thermostat setting.

I raised the setting. Nothing.

I turned the thermostat off. And back on. Click. AAAAnd nothing.

Into the basement, and the furnace is definitely doing SOMETHING, but I'm not sure what.

Called Adam, "I'm cold and the heat won't come on! Help!" and on his recommendation,

Switched the thermostat to FAN. Ooh! Air... blowing! But not heat.

Eight hours later... the HVAC Man squeezes me into the end of his day. Stuck valve, unstuck ("SmartValve" = not so much). As HVAC Man says $600 to replace this genius valve on an 11 year old furnace - here's hoping it doesn't stick again. He also says that a NEW furnace would likely save us $600 in fuel costs in the first year. Any of you priced furnaces lately? nnngah...

So here's me REALLY appreciating the warmth that my laptop produces while I'm typing.

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Jill said...

being a home owner Rocks!! Hope the kitties are doing their job and keeping you warm