That Sound You Just Heard...

I know you thought it was the breeze ruffling those glowing yellow leaves on that tree at the stoplight, but no. It was the gentle exhale of someone who LOVES autumn. I love the changing colors of the trees and the still green grass, highlighted against approaching rain clouds. And the way the maple around the corner seems like it has a light inside it when the sun comes out. I like wearing a scarf, even without a jacket (I know. You're shocked). I like the smell of the damp, cool air. And the aroma of other people's lit fireplaces after dark. Each season has its own particular beauty, each its own little awe-inspiring moments. But Fall? The sole drawback to the autumnal season would be that it is my absolute worst allergy season.

Perhaps more of a wheeze than an exhale, but a very appreciative wheeze all the same.

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