He Calls Me His Little Yellow Jackette

Well - I've had so many requests for info on my new job, so here goes.

I am the new Program Assistant for the Office of Advancement at a local Graduate School of Business which shall remain nameless. I have an office of my own, with a door and all. The people I work for are very friendly, and seem to laugh a lot. I've apparently been very fortunate in my assignment of parking lots.

I started Monday and Tuesday with general University Orientation, followed by time in my very own office. Our group is putting on a recruitment event in NYC for Thursday (I don't have to go, but everyone else will), so they were in prep mode. Today, I spent the majority of my time putting together nametags from the registration database. Doesn't sound so complicated, I know, but I'm using a computer I only just met, with an operating system I haven't seen recently, with software updates I haven't had a chance to get friendly with yet. I don't like Windows, it's not intuitive and it's doing a very good job of making me feel like a total idiot. It's something like the first day of high school. In a strange place, not entirely certain what's going on, and surrounded by unfamiliar faces who know a LOT more about what you're supposed to be doing than YOU do. It's exhausting.

As glad as I am to be learning, I hate feeling so ignorant. And now I'm having paranoid fantasies about having left a sheet of nametags out when I packed them up for my boss. I'm pretty sure I did not do that.

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