Spring Is... hmph. Still a Long Way Off.

Kitty pic! Just because.

It seems like there just isn't much to report these days. I saw the sun last week. And some of my spring bulbs tried to come up. Unfortunately, after a brief run of days in the 50 degree range, we are back to brrr. My nose is cold. My feet are cold. My fingers are cold. And in an effort to save money, my employer has turned the thermostat down to 68 degrees. They won't allow space heaters, but I wonder if they'd let me stash a cat under my desk...

The Mr. has been very industrious in the attic of late. He tore out and rebuilt from scratch a built-in bookcase along the front wall. I wonder if he'll rent me some shelf space for my overflow? Why can I never find enough shelves for my books?

And, we've discovered a couple of new favorite BBC series. Midsomer Murder and the Last Detective. Both have sufficient humor and cozy quality to offset the contemporary crime drama curse.

That's me for now. Slow news day.

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