Visiting with the Adams Family

As we are now wrapping up our trip, we headed to Oklahoma City to spend some time with my Mom's family. Friday afternoon, Adam and my mother and I picked my grandmother up, and we all went to meet up with the other Adams girls (Aunts Lele & Junel, and cousins Annia and Allison). Whenever we manage to get all of us in town at once, we get a professional photo taken, and this was one of those times! We had beautiful weather, so we went for an outdoor session at Daffodil Hill. Adam took advantage of the light and got some shots of his own (see above). I'll post one of the pro shots when we get them.

We followed our photo shoot with a visit to Johnnie's, and a life sustaining Cheese Theta with Bacon and Onion Rings. If you ever go to OKC, GO TO Johnnie's! The best burger you will ever find, from the plain and simple to the Ceasar Burger and the Theta. We topped off our evening with some of the tastiest gellato I've ever encountered (at Giovanni's, tee hee!). Who'da thunk, in OKC?

Saturday morning, we got up and had breakfast with Mr. Adams himself - my mother's father. He took us to Beverly's Pancake Corner, the home of "Chicken in the Rough". No idea what that means exactly... but they have a stuffed chicken on top of the bakery case. And by stuffed, I mean a taxidermy victim and mascot, feathers and all. Can't speak to the chicken, but they made my poached eggs just EXACTLY (I refuse to make that pun) the way I like them.

Hit the Starbucks in the parking lot, and it's off to Ponca City!

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