Ponca City, USA

And we return for another visit to Ponca City, home of the Rains clan and the Pioneer Woman! It was a full house this time, with friends Rick and Malin visiting from Sweden as well. We were greeted on our arrival by live music pouring out of 221 N Oak. There were 3 guitars, one bass guitar and one harmonica rockin' the house, and an appreciative audience spread round the house and out on the porch.

We spent a lovely evening catching up with Herb & Margareta and getting to know Rick and Malin. Herb grilled up some steaks, and we did a bit of reminiscing and some wedding planning. Sunday was Herb's birthday, and there was a big celebration with BBQ ribs and deep fried turkey and all manner of sinful indulgences. We even got to do some sight-seeing!

In the picture above you may just catch sight of the Braum's cup...

At some time in the past, I introduced Adam to the Sonic Cherry Limeade, and he was hooked. Oddly enough, every time we stopped for one of these special treats, I was vaguely disappointed by the experience. Something always seemed to be missing. So when we passed the Braum's here in Ponca City, and I recalled the Cherry Limeades of my childhood, I knew Adam needed to try one. EPIPHANY! That's what was missing - I didn't grow up on Sonic, I grew up on Braum's! We'd been drinking the wrong Cherry Limeade! Much like the burgers at Johnnie's, if you get to this part of the world, you've got to try the Braum's Cherry Limeade - you won't be sorry!

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