It must be noted that we are slightly uncomfortable regarding the subject of gifts. We know that most of you are making quite an effort just to be with us for this shindig, and that is what we REALLY want - to celebrate with as many of you as we can possibly get into one place! Your joyful presence, your love and support are the best gifts you can give.

That said, many of you have inquired about where we've registered. The answer is that we are now registered at Crate & Barrel and also at Bed, Bath & Beyond. The BBB registry is a tad short at the moment, but we'll add to it next week or so. After the process of setting up the C&B registry, we are somewhat weary...

I will admit to having been TOTALLY baffled by pots and pans and packing it in rather than figuring it out. I think the little girl at the shop was genuinely concerned when she saw me staring like a deer in the headlights at the cookware displays and asked if I needed help... there is no other explanation for that tone of voice.

The Fine Print: You can search for our lists by either of our names (Kelly Clark or Adam Rains), and you may need the event date (July 5, 2008). Both of the registry lists can be accessed either in an actual store, online, or by phone.

Crate & Barrel


Bed Bath & Beyond

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