Got Film?

Yes indeed! We have returned from our mystery honeymoon destination, and I will share that with you as soon as we have some photos to illustrate the stunning beauty of the place! Instead of our usual digital cameras, and in an effort not to be guilty of waste... we used up the remaining shots on the disposables left over from the reception. So we wait for processing...

... and in the meantime...

Did you get any great pictures at the wedding? Did you perhaps get some VIDEO of our first dance? 'Cause we didn't hire a videographer, thinking there wasn't anything we'd really care about watching OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Forgetting we'd have no idea what that dance really looked like... oops. Yeah, so... if you'd like to share any photos or perhaps video... put it on a disc and mail it to us.

Please. Thanks. I'm gonna go eat some humble pie now.

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