Mystery Honeymoon Destination

We made it! We arrived in Rochester late last night, to some very happy kitties. Our decorations drew quite a bit of attention on the road, and we eventually got used to the honking. It was kind of sweet actually. The expressions of good will were a refreshing break from the usual highway experience. Thursday was awfully long, due to the fact the AC went out in the car about an hour into the day. So many miles of HOT car and sunshine before the sun set... Ah well, Rochester is gray skies and rain as usual! Nice and cool!

We are off on our mini-honeymoon this afternoon, and while I still do not know where we are headed, I've been given a few hints.

It's not the Pocono's.

I don't need my passport.

I will probably want a swimsuit.

It's about a two hour drive.

I've probably heard of the place.

I've never been to the town.

I got nothin' here people. Totally at a loss. Any thoughts? OK fine - stay tuned for updates!

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