Stellaluna vs. the Dark Knight

DanananaNananana DanananaNananana... BAT BEAN!

Give that cat a treat! My little pampered Nori-bean trapped herself a BAT in our attic. Big meanie that I am, I pulled her away from it and shut the bat inside the attic. I'm sure it knows a way out. It got IN after all...

Our story begins at 3:30 AM, and our heroine is asleep at the foot of my bed. Suddenly, I am awakened by two cats launching themselves full speed off the bed and skidding into the attic door. A flurry of... wings? and GOOD LORD WHAT IS THAT NOISE!!?! I launch mySELF off the bed (only because the Mr is away on business, otherwise I'd launch him) and into the hallway, running into walls and flipping on lights as I go. Only to find Miss Nori hunched over Something on the attic stairs. And she's OFF! Up the stairs and into another corner of the stairwell, amidst much squeaking and flapping from her prey (which I still cannot see). OK. I'm calm. Promise.

FLAPPING + SQUEAKING = BAT according to my calculus.

So I'm up the stairs, grab the cat, toss her back to the landing and slam the door. Lights off, back under the covers and I'm pretending that did NOT happen, 'cause I've got to get up for work at 6am. 12 hours later, after much input from the internets, BOY am I glad the cats are up to date on all their shots! Crunchy creature that I am, I'm waiting till September to serve the eviction notice, so I can be sure any potential bat-babies have fledged. The last thing I need on my conscience is dead bat-babies in my walls.

Two days later, the basement flooded. If anyone knows just what I did to annoy Mother Nature, could you give me a clue?

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