My husband ROCKS! Just thought you should all know. Behind Door H(oneymoon) was a sybarit-astic weekend at Mirbeau! Cue orchestra.
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I had NOT heard of it.

I was glad of the swimsuit.

We arrived to the most amazing hotel room I've ever seen. Those of you who saw the rooms Adam & I had at the Adolphus will have some idea just exactly what that statement indicates. Shortly after our arrival, we received a delivery of wine & cheese, which we consumed on our deck overlooking the coy pond and gardens. But wait - there's more!

While exploring the grounds, we encountered the spa where we would receive our "treatments" on Saturday. They gave us a proper tour of the facility, including the Relaxation Room and Aqua Terrace. Enter the need for a swimsuit.

When we approached the hostess to be seated for dinner, I spied two plaques at the entrance to the restaurant. One declared a AAA Four Diamond rating, and the other, a Mobil Four Star rating. Yum. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We spent Saturday sleeping, eating, getting massages, sleeping, getting manicured, eating, and then eating some more. And then sleeping again. Sunday was a final hedonistic wallow, including more sleeping and overeating, before a leisurely drive back to the house to rejoin the cats for good.

We're planning to go back for a winter visit.

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chrissie said...

WOW--that sounds AMAZING!! Go Adam!

Again, I SO wish we could have been there for the Big Day. If I'd known this baby would take so long to make his appearance, we would have made the trip. We're just thrilled for you guys and can't wait to see more pictures.

And I'm glad you're blogging--now I can keep up with you! :)